PACK MAN 2 GRAM Disposable Carts


The Pac Man Carts live resin and liquid diamonds provide a handy and mobile method for enhancing your cannabis enjoyment. These cartridges make vaping easy and are perfect for beginners and experienced users.

Portable, sleek, and ready-to-go carts! You might have only thought of that, but we have brought these for you. Packman Carts are pocket-sized and portable for convenient use wherever you desire.

You get a smooth vaping experience and a bunch of delightful flavors with PACKMAN cartridges. It comes with advanced heating technology that ensures consistent vaporization and smooth hits every time.

You can pick one from a variety of flavors, each one made with a delightful of flavors and potency.

Flavor: Mystery OG (Hybrid), Starburst Runtz (Sativa), Watermelon Sour Patch (Sativa)